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Asset Management, Advisory &
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Asset Management, Advisory & Consulting Services

As an owner and operator of hotels for 26 years, GF implicitly understands the objectives of the owner or lender regarding the management of hospitality assets. GF’s Asset Management division was developed to assist owners and financial institutions in achieving those goals, and ensuring that the hotel asset’s maximum value and potential is reached. With regional operations offices in strategic cities across the country, GF has access to market driven data which enables a deeper level of understanding of most primary and secondary markets across the country.

Asset Management Scope of Work:

  • Review and analysis of the operator's Financial Statements compared to budget, forecast, and industry benchmarks.
  • Review and analysis of the operator's Forecasts and Annual Budget with appropriate recommended adjustments.
  • Review of all pricing policies and revenue centers, with recommendations regarding new or additional revenue opportunities
  • Review, analysis, and recommendations regarding strategic capital planning, as well as analysis and approval of capital funding requests. 
  • Review and analysis of leases, licenses, insurance and other operating agreements. 
  • Monitor overall operator performance and provide recommendations for operational and guest experience improvement. 
  • Monitor hospitality trends, market trends, and franchise initiatives that have the potential to materially affect the asset. 
  • Periodic meetings with the operator and reporting to the ownership.

Additionally, GF is also engaged in a variety of consulting and advisory assignments, providing the hospitality expertise necessary to assist owners and lenders in making critical decisions regarding their assets. It is a primary objective for GF to provide a customized level of service to its clients in order to satisfy the individual needs of that client. Upon recognizing specific needs of the client, a tailored plan is prepared and executed.

Consulting and Advisory Services Available:

  • Operational and Staff overview and evaluations
  • Sales and Marketing audits and recommendations
  • Capital improvement planning and budgeting
  • Operational Budget oversight and guidance
  • Franchisor contract negotiation
  • Market evaluations and overview
  • Property tax & insurance review
  • Fund level strategic planning
  • Internal opinions of value and disposition strategies
  • Feasibility studies and project development analysis

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