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Management Services

A full service award-winning hospitality management company, GF provides a wide array of operational expertise, industry knowledge, and departmental specializations that create unparallel guest satisfaction and overall property performance.

The overall corporate support and services provided by GF Management are as follows

Food & Beverage Department

Headed up by the Senior Vice President of Operations/Food & Beverage, this department provides direct and indirect support in all phases of the food and beverage discipline. Some specific areas include the following:

  • Menu Design
  • Costing of Menus for Profitability
  • Food & Beverage Marketing
  • Food & Beverage Inventory Control
  • Food & Beverage Purchasing
  • Labor Control
  • Catering and Wedding Product Development

A unique component of the GF approach to Food & Beverage is the ongoing focus on social catering including:

  • Weddings
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Non-Profits

GF University (an internal continuing education system) contains a 3-day program targeting these key catering events that create local market penetration leading to increased demand in all other market segments at the property from the local community.

GF uses “Best Practices” program with each new hotel to maximize the effectiveness of the food and beverage department and the culinary results of the property.

Sales & Marketing

The GF Management Sales & Marketing Team has proven expertise, experience and market understanding to maximize revenues from all sources and distribution channels. The Sales & Marketing Team play a key role in the overall market strategies of properties, creation of action steps, measuring systems, and bring an entrepreneurial approach to client management.

The Corporate GF Sales & Marketing team comprises all key components of an effective, customer driven approach, designed to maximize market share from all demand generators. Each property undergoes a custom designed sales, marketing, and strategy review tailored to the market conditions in which it operates. The Sales & Marketing Team focus on all areas that will maximize revenues and overall return on investment.

  • Rooms and Catering Market Mix
  • E-Commerce Production and Electronic Marketing Programs
  • Specialized Account Management
  • Franchise Related Activities
  • Group Room Inventory Controls
  • Sales & Marketing Action Steps
  • Revenue Maximization Reviews
  • Catering, Marketing and Sales Activities
  • Wedding Marketing and Sales Activities

GF National Sales

The GF National Sales Team directs a sales effort targeted toward identified portfolio key accounts in both the group and transient market segments. Activities include trade shows, sales blitzes, client presentations, and familiarization trips, among others.

GF Marketing

This division coordinates all marketing, graphic design, brochure and collateral development and market communication tools for all the hotels in the portfolio. Assistance is also provided for website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and electronic marketing initiatives.

The award-winning Corporate GF Sales & Marketing Team is focused on creating long term client relationships, professional sales and marketing initiatives, and significant revenue enhancements from all distribution channels at the property.

Facilities & Engineering

Headed up by the Corporate Director of Engineering, the Facilities Group oversees all areas of property maintenance, engineering issues, renovations, property improvement program analysis, and product conversions.

In recent years, GF has successfully completed more than $50 million in Property Improvement Plan related projects, renovations, and conversion construction.

The Facilities Group can also provide architectural support, interior design support, and engineering technical support.


The accounting specialists at GF Management bring years of experience, accounting knowledge, and a focused dedication to their discipline. The Corporate Accounting Team reviews, in detail, all financial aspects of the operating performance of each of the hotels. A team of regional controllers consistently review each property’s ongoing financial performance, operating efficiencies, and adherence to appropriate systems and procedures.

National Purchasing Network

National Purchasing Network (NPN), a national hospitality purchasing company, is an independent affiliate of GF Management. This organization is dedicated to efficient and economical bulk purchasing of those products utilized in the hospitality industry.

Through organizing bulk purchases, NPN is able to provide the very best in pricing for a wide variety of products, including food and beverage items, housekeeping items, etc. By encouraging compliance with NPN purchasing, monitored through regular reporting, GF delivers significant savings to hotel owners.

Revenue Management

GF Management has a Revenue Management Team that provides ongoing yield and inventory pricing expertise for all distribution channels of participating properties. E-Commerce, global distribution systems, group inventories, franchise contributions, etc., are all reviewed on a constant basis for pricing opportunities.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department of GF Management provides support as needed for on-property technology needs, including an initial IT audit to ensure the property has appropriate software and hardware installed. Because GF’s properties are affiliated with numerous brands, the IT Department is familiar with many property management systems, telephone systems, technology communication systems (e-mail, etc.), accounting systems and reservation engines, and can provide support to the on-property team.

GF University

GF University is a continuing education program for the sole use of GF Management and its employees. A 10-year-old institution, GF University is dedicated to classroom hands on training for GMs, DOSs, sales and catering managers and executive committee members. The training facility is headquartered at the Valley Forge Convention Plaza and currently has more than a dozen curricula. GF also takes the University "on the road" and provides on-property training for all levels of staff. The program covers all hospitality disciplines through focused one to two day courses. All courses are available to all applicable properties within the GF portfolio.

Recruitment & Training

It is GF Management's objective to hire the best professionals for all its property. Once a property is under management, GF will search for talented people that are the best match for the professional opportunities presented at the property. Along with GF University, it is also encouraged that employees of all properties within the portfolio gain or maintain applicable certifications within their communities, hospitality network, or within the brand that they represent.

Human Resources

Employees of GF have a high level of job satisfaction, because of the systems and incentives available. Employees are consistently developed at the property level through training on site and through GF University, with opportunities for career advancement. Employees are also eligible to receive health benefits through a competitive plan, as well as participation in bonus programs, both for line level and management positions. All programs, incentives and benefits are at the discretion of the ownership of the individual property.